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I acquired a used wood Bb clarinet in about 1955.    It was refurbished about 20 years ago. The logo on the pieces is an oval with DNoblet Paris inside, on top is a simple lyre and on the bottom of the oval is a DN monogram (D and N combined). The only number I can find on the instrument is 4569.  It is in its original case, lined with grey velvet.  On the top cover is an oval metal tag that reads: Worlds Largest Exclusive Wooodwind Makers  Noblet Paris.  I am interested in its approximate age and resale value.  Thank you for any information you can provide.

Hello Sandy,
Noblet clarinets were the cheaper line of LEBLANC..Leblanc and Noblet were bought by Selmer some years ago and do not have full published serial number lists...I can 'guestimate that your Noblet was manufactured in 1953 or 1954...It is probably a Noblet 40 model, not the highest end model by Noblet   [The highest /top model was /is the NOBLET 45, an intermediate grade instrument...IF your instrument was in perfect [overhauled] condition, it could sell for as much as $600. or so...It is not a high end instrument and is almost 60 years old....Cheers    JACK  


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