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QUESTION: I play 2nd clarinet (a Buffet B12) in a community band and high school band. I am also the only clarinet in jazz band. Is this a sufficient horn? In our community band we play songs like Wedding Dance and Gershwin, and other hard/moderate songs. I am using a Rovener Versa Ligature and a Clark W Forbes Debut Student mouthpiece. I am aiming for a jazzy sound, but don't know what combo of ligature and mouthpiece I should use. My reed strength is 3.

ANSWER: Hello Tyler,
The Buffet b12 clarinet is regarded as  a good student level instrument...I do not know what level you play at but from 5th/6th grade level music, you should definitely think of trading up to an intermediate or pro level instrument...If you get a chance to play any of those instruments, you will hear and feel the response of  a pro [or intermediate instrument]  over a student clarinet...Re. mouthpieces,you would be aiming for an open lay rather than a  close lay......I am not familiar with that brand of mouthpiece,and re. ligatures, as long as it holds the reed on,it is fine...Some Europeans  still go with a piece of string like everyone used to do...Some spend up to $200 on a ligerature and I do not believe it is $ well spent....I use a size 2.5 Vandoren, but the lay of your mouthpiece determines how a reed  of any size will play....If you want to play jazz, start collecting jazz recordings and listen to what others do...[Benny Goodman/Artie Shaw/Pete fountain/Kenny Davern ] would be good starting points.....Cheers    Jack

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QUESTION: If I were to go with a pro model, what brands would you suggest? Should I look for used or new? Is a close lay for smaller(thinner) reeds. The brand of the mouthpiece may be an off brand, as I got it off of a site called Wood Wind and Brass Wind. Thanks for the response :-)

ANSWER: Hello Tyler,
If you are a student and big bucks are a problem, there is nothing wrong with buying a used pro clarinet...I have several in my collection...You will find many pro level instruments on EBAY  at varius prices...Even if you buy one that needs work, an overhaul [new pads/springs/corks/oiling/polishing]] would cost around 350-400, depending on who did the work...Then you would have an 'as new' instrument without  shelling out thousands....If you are 'into' jazz, an Obrien no. 3 mouthpiece, or a POMERICO JAZZ'   M/P/ OR A PETE  Fountain mouthpiece would go well...Re. clarinets, if you are more a classical player, a BUFFET clarinet may be the best...For jazz, I would go with SELMER Series  9  or Selmer Series 10 . or a Leblanc Dynamic  or LEblanc DYNAMIC H...These models have been on EBAY recently...Have a look on EBAY and I would be happy to make a reommendation...In the meantime,you can hear my playing on YOU TUBE......Cheers.....JACK

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QUESTION: Would a Vintage Leblanc D. Noblet Bb Boehm Clarinet be good? I will post a link.

Hello Tyler,
I notice the ad says it is a pro level instrument...It is not.   NOBLE makes a 'Noblet 45'  and a Noblet Artist'....Those two are intermediate instruments[and the best models they make]...If I were buying Noblet, I would consider only those.....Cheers   Jack          P.S....The EBAY list of clarinets is changing from month to month...I  bought 2 pro level instruments for $200  and $350, spent $450 on each of them [overhaul] and they are both now valued at $2000.....It would be worth waiting....Keep looking...


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