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QUESTION: I am considering selling my Buffet Clarinet, serial # 40139, circa 1955-57, in very good condition. What is the approximate value?

ANSWER: Hello Jerry,
Your clarinet serial number is from 1954....It is called a 'pre R13 model'....If in overhauled condition,they are wonderful players and should fetch up to $1,500...I sold one of these models [in a new case]for that amount about  one year ago and the buyer [and I] thought he got a bargain....They play very much like the R-13 but with a bit more volume.....Cheers    JACK

Hello again,
On rechecking your number while answering another question, I found I had misread your serial number...The year should be 1950....The rest of my answer stands though...These 1948-1954  models are very nice to play,especially when overhauled.    Cheers    JACK

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QUESTION: What site do you recommend to sell?


Hello Jerry,
As it happens, I sold my clarinet on Ebay,and it sold within 3 days with a 'buy it now' price, from someone who knows about clarinets...There is a glut of clarinets on Ebay at the moment with plenty of buyers all willing to pay far less than what a good clarinet is worth....You live in a major city, so you might also want to try newspapers,music schools or schools that have good music programs....Check Ebay for prices of similar clarinets [in your R-13,but a few hundred less],and price your clarinet accordingly..If you want to sell within USA  only, the postage will be  much less than overseas, and if you pay postage, you may get a quicker sale.....If your clarinet needs any attention, get it fixed...If overhauled and you have the receipt to prove it, that is avery  good selling point, as is  a brand new carry case [about $70]....Nothing turns off buyers more than a smelly case which transfersthe smell onto the clarinet,which it does.. ....If someone is coming to your house to try it, the purchase of a good woodwind oil [  or almond oil] to oil/polish the clarinet to a shiny finish also helps presentation,and is good for the wood....Cheers    JACK


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