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I have two clairnets one is old lookin wood cavalier with case other is signet 100 salmer clairenet with case i am intresred in selling them and not sure what. They are worth and have no clue where ya find the model numbers but dont wanna be blindsited please help thank you so much

Hello Kate,
The wooden Cavalier clarinet is most likely a beginner level clarinet.There are seveveral of them on EBAY  for $55.00    $75.00   and $300.00   [far too much, even in good condition]...Good condition means that the instrument has recently been overhauled or serviced by  a repairman and needs no springs/pads or corks....Without this imformation at hand, I would suggest that you would not get more than $100. for this instrument.... The Selmer Signet 100 was the first of three 'Signet' clarinet models.   The 100 was the earliest model, from the 1950s, but is still regarded as  an intermediate level clarinet by a respected clarinet manufacturer.  There are several of these models on EBAY at the moment, with prices  of $51.00--$75.00-----$175.00-----$280.00---- $950.00 [WAY TOO MUCH].......I would suggest that your clarinet would be worth between $200.00 and $600.00, depending on what condition it is in and how recently it has been looked at by  a repairman to fix any problems....Cheers   JACK


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