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Clarinet/Clarinet playing throat air leakage


When I play, air leaks in my throat to my nose. It a very abnoxious sound and it is a squeaking sound (sounds like when you try to hold a laugh in and some comes out) I have become very self conscious of it because honors band is coming up. Please help!!! I can send you a sound recording over email if you'd like.

   I am not totally sure.  This may be a medical issue.  I will tell you that many times we hear things happening that are not audible to the others around us.  What I can suggest is to make sure you are keeping your air pressure consistent into the horn.  If this doesn't help, please consult an ENT doctor.  I can tell you that I have had many kids come to auditions with these sort of issues that don't affect the grade I give them.  Be confident and know your stuff ESPECIALLY sight reading and you should do fine.  I hope this helps.




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