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My daughter bought a Selmer Signet Soloist clarinet a few years ago from her music tutor.  She has not played it in about 2 yrs so I am going to sell it.  It is marked "Elkhart, IN" and USA. and a number 18175.  I need to know more info so that I know what I am talking about.  Is it wood?  From what I read all these are wood.  Also, any ideas on an aprx year?  Is it bad that the mouthpiece is different?  It is a Woodwind Steel Ebonite B7.  Does this affect the price alot?  Thanks so much if you can help educate me a little.

I have looked and I cannot verify the production date of this horn.  I see quite a few online selling for about $350-400.  The mouthpiece is more of a personal choice.  I wouldn't worry much about that in selling the horn.  Ebonite is a type of plastic composite.  I have rarely come across a Selmer clarinet that has disappointed me.  I would recommend taking it to a repair shop to be checked and regulated.  If they charge for polishing then you could do it with a simple cleaning cloth(no need to add any cleaner).  Avoid getting the horn wet and be sure to clean out the case and polish the outside with a cloth and a cleaner that will work on plastic or leather, if the case is covered.  I hope this helps.



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