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Hi,  I bought a used Selmer 301 on Ebay.   The clarinet is in great shape but the original mouthpiece isn't there.   The mouthpiece included is a Rovner #3.  As far as I can tell Rovner only makes ligatures.  Do you think I should replace this mouthpiece for a student just starting?

Hello.  I would replace the mouthpiece.  I would ask the director what mouthpiece they recommend, but you can buy a good generic mouthpiece for beginners at most music stores.  Here is a link to Woodwind and Brasswind.  They have a great rep and good prices.   You will find mouthpieces to be a very personal choice with experience.  For starters the reed is of more importance.  I suggest purchasing Rico Royals for the first several months(2 1/2 - 3 strength unless the instructor says otherwise).  Once they get used to saving their reeds(i.e. not breaking them every day) then you may want to switch to Vandoren or another higher quality brand.   I hope this helps.




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