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I just purchased a wooden American peddler clarinet at a yard sale for $60. It has a place to screw a marching music holder in the middle band. It is in very good condition but needs corks. the pads aren't bad. I tried to play it but the lower register was very difficult to play. The clarinet came with the original case. The peddler metal logo on the side, burgundy lining, the clarinet fits in two pieces. It also came with the original plastic mouth piece cover. I purchased it from the original owner who got it as a child. He had not played it since his childhood. He had it for 70 yrs. My Questions are: about how much is it worth? Will recorking & repairs make it easier to play or effect the value?

  It's very difficult to place a value on an instrument without seeing it in person.  Wooden clarinets also get tiny cracks that have to be pinned.  Especially if the horn has been sitting around.  I can promise you that the instrument needs an overhaul(all pads and corks new playing condition).  I charge around $250 for this.  Others in your area may charge more or less.  Make sure you use a CERTIFIED repair person.  If you plan on keeping it for a while then I suggest you buy some Bore Oil from a music store.  Put a little on a cloth and rub it into the wood of the instrument.  This will keep the wood from getting too dry and can help prevent cracking.  Do it about once every week or 2.  I hope this helps.




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