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I have what I think to be a Normandy Reso-Tone made in USA model 14 revised clarinet. Serial number (the only # I can find) is 9205E. I would say it is in +/- fair condition no breaks or cracks. Metal (silver?) is tarnished somewhat and there is some dulling of plastic (rubber). The mouthpiece is missing the reed and the ring that secures it. The mouthpiece is a Geo. M Bundy 2.1 I would expect the pads will need replacing and the cork at the joints would definitely need to be replaced. A complete overhaul is probably in order. If you could tell me the age of the clarinet, approximate value before and after complete overhaul and cost of said overhaul I would greatly appreciate it. Any info would be welcomed. Thanks so much in advance for your time.

  From what I can tell the instrument was made in 1979.  I cannot give a fair value without seeing it, but these usually sell for about $200-300 in NC.  Again, I cannot place a value without seeing it in person.  The instrument sounds like it needs an overhaul which also costs about $250-300.  You can take it to a local repair shop to get it evaluated.  I hope this helps.

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