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QUESTION: I recently got a clarinet that I am interested in getting some help with telling me more about it. I have never seen one like it before.

It is a C.G. Conn.It has a 1 piece body except for the bell & mouth piece. It seems shorter than a normal clarinet. It measures about 19 1/2" long.The hardware seems to be silverplated. The serial number is at the bottom where the bell slides on. It is hard read, but seems to be E 58010 .

I would like know what model or what this size horn is known as. Also is this rare.

Thank you for being available for me.

ANSWER: Hello,
  I have searched and can't find any info.  If you have any pics that may help.  This site indicates that it is likely an Eb Sopranino(or piccolo) clarinet.   Hope this helps.


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Conn clarinet
Conn clarinet  

Conn clarinet
Conn clarinet  
QUESTION: Hey Guy ! !
I took a couple of pix & forgot to attach them to my message. I'll send them with this one, just for your info. That page that you sent me pretty well describes my horn as an Eb.
Are these worth anything special? I thought it was old because it was so hard to find even the serial number, but now it seems it may not be anything special at all. Is there a sight somewhere that I might be able to find more info about it using the serial number?

Yeah, it looks like an Eb horn.  Not sure of the value.  Sometimes these horns are worth a good deal, but other times they are run of the mill.  It does look like it's wood and silver plated.  I've not been able to find more details on this particular horn.It can be disassembled and polished and will look really nice.  If it is wood, be sure to put some bore oil(sold at most music stores) on it every week.  Just use a small drop and rub it into the wood with a cloth.  You can use a q-tip to get it in close to the keys.  If you use to much it becomes messy.  I suggest contacting to see if they have more info.  Take care.



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