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aa clarinet2
aa clarinet2  
Hi Guy. We have a clarinet which we want to sell and I have no idea of what price to ask for it! It has 'Clinton made in Czechoslovakia' stamped on the bell. The only numbers I can find on it are a 3 stamped over 8256 and on another piece just 8283.
We live in South Australia.
I think it is wooden as it has a grain through it, though not the bell which seems very smooth.
It is black, in a black case, and I've attached a photo.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are able to reply at some stage.
Kind regards, Jill

  I apologize for the delay in my answer.  I've had a few family emergencies over the past few weeks.  I have not heard of this brand.  This may be a decent instrument or it may be an ISO(Instrument Shaped Object) which is slang for "garbage."  I don't know the price comparisons between the US and Australia, but in the US a clarinet(even off-brands) can get about $100-150 for a horn in decent shape.  Sorry, I don't have any more info.  I hope this helps.



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