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Clarinet/Vintage RI - L942 Selmer Clarinet


I have purchased a beautiful, fully functional, Selmer Clarinet in original brn. alligator case, all in excellent condition. Please help identify the year and or maker, and it's approx. value to a collector vs. college/pro clarinetist. It is a RI (radio improved); L942 (pre L1000) w/ articulated G#. The numbers 5588 are tucked under the keys. The bell only is stamped 'SOLE AGENTS,US&CAN,Selmer,NEW-YORK,ELKHART'. All other parts have a basic Selmer logo. I'm considering selling it to purchase a quality saxophone/s.
What do you think?
Thank you.

  According to my sources if it is a Selmer Paris then it was made before 1931.  I cannot find a listing for the L942.  I also am not able to place a value without seeing it in person.  I suggest taking it to a qualified repair shop for an estimate.  I hope this helps.



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