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Mama wrote at 2007-07-09 20:52:33
I also recently acquired a "Balanced Tone Sherwood Artist" wooden clarinet with a serial # of A00706 - it was in good condition.  Like you, I have wondered about its origin...

While you didn't get a definitive answer from Gale, it did sound like a possibility.  

Johanne wrote at 2011-09-30 23:24:17
I am seeking info on a Sherwood as well. Purchased one ~45 years ago for our son, silver plated nickel in a Leblanc case. The owner said he was the only owner. Serial #23224 It has a beautiful melodic tone. Cannot locate info on the mfr. Help

cyclopathic wrote at 2014-02-28 02:27:17
Sherwood is a Montgomery Ward brand, they were selling re-branded (stencil) instruments. Specifically the Sherwood Silver Throat Deluxe" - hard rubber/ebonite with nickel silver liner in top joint and wooden model. The hard rubber model was made by Pruefer, the wooden one was made either Artley or Selmer USA. It is hard to say which one exactly as it has features of both from that era. Perhaps some of them could be Pruefer, but the one with A00xxx is not. Other possibility is Holton, but the serial numbers do not match.


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