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QUESTION: I added a new column to several tables in a Clarion 5.5 application. The "Full Pathname" is not specified in the tables' properties.  

After my attempt to "Change Directory" to the PC where the data resides didn't work, I moved the .TPS files into the same folder as the dictionary (\src) so that I could use the Browse command to convert them.  After cycling through the data converting it, it fails.  It displays a message that says "Error (3): Path Not Found."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: What is in the Full Pathname field in the table properties or a table in question?

When you run an app, if that field is blank it should look in the same directory as the app.

When you say you're converting the table could you tell me the steps you are using to do that?



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QUESTION: After more research on the Internet, I found others with the same problem. The solutions given weren't very clear, but it seems that if the pathname to the folder where the data being converted resides contains an embedded space, the conversion fails with Error (3). I created a folder on the C: drive with a simple name, moved the data to it, converted it and then moved it back where it was.


You may well be right that it's the embedded space. Which seems odd because I have a lot of directory names with embedded spaces. One thing I just saw today was a comment that for some reason MS has decided that though you can assign a drive letter to a network drive you cannot actually use the drive letter unless you turn off UAC. I'm not sure about that as I already have UAC turned off.

Also I'm not sure from your original message whether the drive was a network drive.



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