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Clarion/clarion ver.2 dos on windows 7


doc wrote at 2013-04-12 14:00:04
I have dos 2.1 apps running fine under Windows 7 32 bit. The only thing you have to do is to tweak the file in the system32 folder with files=40 to a larger number of handlers


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Drew Bourrut


As Clarion programmer since version 2.0 for DOS (1988), I am a consultant who specializes in Clarion programming. I have converted systems from DOS to Windows and have worked with every version of Clarion for Windows. My background has also included teaching database design, SQL programming, project management, and programming in a variety of languages from COBOL to PL/I. I have been a consultant since 1974 and a programmer since 1966.


Clarion allows me to write for a number of unrelated businesses. I've written applications that are accessible only via the web as well as communications applications and also large (more than 270 procedures) applications for service-oriented businesses.

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