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Dan wrote at 2008-08-15 05:41:01
I would differ with you.

1."However, disconnecting the battery, all that will do is stop your electrical system. An engine is a mechanical device, not a electrical device. As long as the engine is running, it will remain running. The battery is only needed to turn the starter to start an engine."  

Disconnecting the battery with a faulty generator will kill the motor. It needs electricity for the ignition system. Disconnecting the battery with a functioning generator will not kill the motor because the generator is providing the electricity for the ignition. The person who asked the question was right.

Tom wrote at 2010-12-18 19:44:27
Hey Ron

A generator does not need a battery to function It produces a current when it is turned. Car needs the battery to start the car. So if the engine is running fast enough (1000 - 1500 rpm or more) it will keep the car running with or without the battery. If you are having problems check the voltage regulator. A 6 volt car should have approx. 7.25 volts , a 12 volt should be aprox. 14-15 volts. just my thoughts  I have worked on old cars for over 50 years. I am no Expert but you seem to prove what I am saying  

bob wrote at 2012-07-03 13:04:40
A car needs electric to run not just start, assuming it is gas.  A car will not run without an electrical source supplied to the spark plugs.

Dan wrote at 2014-05-24 20:54:50
The car stalls because the ignition coil requires voltage to supply the voltage to spark plugs- if you disconnect battery you take away the power to the coil thus no spark plug spark!  

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