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Question 1958 chevy delray is running really rough and it takes long for the car to start up..ive tryed reastalling distrubutor and still the same results can you help me out ...

Hello Miguel,

The causes for rough running are many and requires the skills of a detective to determine. First, inspect/replace spark plugs, secondary ignition wires and distributor cap. Check your carburetor, intake manifold for any vacuum leaks including mating lines of these components to adjoining parts. Replace/rebuild carburetor as necessary and replace gaskets/hoses for any other vacuum leaks you detect.

The preceding is a short hand approach to the basic factors that cause to rough running. Reinstalling/resetting the distributor is the last step in this process. I recommend that you list the preceding causes and check them off as you verify them as good. If the engine still runs rough after this, you may need the assistance of a mechanic as the cause may be a combination of the preceding or other components.

Good luck getting this fine Chevy going!


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