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drove car today, after starting car left trail of oil from garage down the street, smoke when oil hit exhause turn around made oil trail home. stop car check oil, low, check upper engine no leaks, oil leak from under.

Hello Ray,

I am sorry to hear that you are having engine trouble....oil leaks are messy to say the least.  Before I go on, I must tell  you, that I have volunteered to answer questions that relate to “Automotive Wooden Interior Trim” - specifically the “Real” wood trim parts found in Mercedes-Benz, Jaguars, Rolls-Royce, Bentleys, BMWs, Jensen Healeys, Austin Healeys, Triumphs - etc. etc. etc.

I do appreciate you asking me a question, however it is NOT in my area expertise.  But from my personal experience, I would suggest that you get an mirror and flashlight and look for the leak.  From what you say, it sounds like a pretty major leak, so look for the obvious - around the oil filter and oil pan gasket etc. etc.  What ever you do, IF you decide to start your engine, make sure to top off your engine oil and put a pan on the ground to catch the leaking oil....and refill your engine oil as needed.  Beyond that, I will have to say again, that your question is out of my area of expertise.

Because my area of expertise is with “Automotive Wooden Interior Trim” - your Mercedes has real wood trim in it, and IF that wood is having trouble.....I can help with questions you may have regarding it.

Also, should any of your fellow automotive enthusiasts have interior wood trim in their vehicles....and IF their wood is having trouble.....send them my way...and I'll answer any automotive woodwork questions they may have.
Thank you.

OH, and for what it is worth, to help you in your search for that oil leak, I would think that you Might be able to find or order a repair manual for your car, either from a Local Parts Store or Amazon, Borders or maybe on eBay etc. etc.  It would be a good idea to have one, if you are going to do mechanical work yourself.  

Also for what it is worth, I would think that you might want to search for a Mercedes car club in your area.  Many folks in clubs are very helpful people and may be able to help you find your answer...making a friend or two in that "world" would be very helpful, especially if you are going to do mechanical work yourself.  Who knows, maybe one of those folks has had the same problem or can assist you personally with the answer to your question.

I hope you find the leak and that it turns out easy to fix.

Happy Motoring,


(I would appreciate you taking the time to Rate my response....thanks)  

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