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Classic/Antique Car Repair/1978 450slc mercedez, sprung oil leak


drove car today, started car left a trail of oil from garage down the street. smoke when oil hit exhause, turned around made another trail of oil home.. shut engine checked oil, low. no leaks on top and sides of engine leak somewhere behind engine and under.. what u think?  thanks ray

Hi Ray:
If the leak is from the bottom, a few things
could be the cause...

1. Check around your oil filter. Make it has not come loose.
2. Check your oil pan for leaks or loose bolts or bad gasket.
3. Check your engine front seal for oil leaks.

My guess is that one of these areas has a problem. With oil
pouring out like that and no previous leak problems, make me
think the oil filter or pan cover is loose.

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