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Hi Jeff,
I'm 15 and me and a few neighbors found a place in my backyard where there are a bunch of old bottles, dishes, and toys from the 1910's just buried there. we dug about 3 feet down and i came across what looks like an old hood ornament off of a jaguar. i researched for a long time and nothing looks even close to this. is almost feels like it may be cast iron. i have pictures of it that i will send if you e-mail back to .

Thanks for your time. I hope you can help us find out about this piece.

-Kyle Green

Hi Kyle,

That's sounds interesting....but I don't think Jaguar built cars that far back in time....or if they did, I don't know if they shipped any to the U.S.

Send the pictures...and I'll see if any of the restorers we know...can tell what it is.

Happy Motoring,


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