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Hello Robert, i bought a 1964 dodge dart 270 4 door.
The guy said the engine was rebuilt or replaced back in 2000, he isn't sure. Is there a way I can find out if this was the original engine or a replacement?
I have tried looking all over the internet, but seem to be entering the wrong search terms or something. The reason I am asking is, the car says its a dart 270 but it has a slant six 225 in it.
The vin # is 7345156693 and the engine # is 280683-4, with additional numbers of 2353 BH.
Any info or a website that could tell me would be much appreciated.

Hello Gerald,

Excellent choice in a car!! I've had both 1966 (very similar to yours) and a 1967. I'm currently looking for 3rd!  

3 engines were available for this car in 1964: 170 S6, 225 S6 and 273 V8. Any could have been originally installed but the most common engines for the 270 were either of the Slant Sixes. You can find out for sure by Googling "1964 Dodge Dart Fender Tag". The fender tag is on the left inside fender, oriented from where the driver sits. You will find this tag provides a lot of fastinating information like original engine, transmission and color as well as the location of the final assembly plant.

The Dart 270 is a model designator like the sporty "GT" series. Any of the preceding engines could have been originally installed. Other ways to confirm m,odel are items like trim details or brake drum size (V8's have larger drums than sixes for example)

Hope this helps. Please send me a picture of the car when it's fixed up!



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