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I have a 1969 plymouth valiant. while driving tonight, the charging system started putting out too much voltage. it would also go back to normal from time to time. the alternator is about 2 months old, and the voltage regulator was replaced 2 times due to the new electronic regulator wouldn't put out enough voltage, so it was replaced with a new mechanical regulator like original. all was fine until tonight, and when the problem happened i happened to have a volt meter and one of the old regulator with me. the voltage going to the battery was about 18 volts, so i put the old regulator on to see if it made any difference, and it didn't change it. can a shorting wire cause something like this? ill research more when its daylight. thanks in advance

Hello Kevin,

Sorry for the delayed reply--I've been out of town. Your problem sure sounds like a voltage regulator and could lie in the manufacturer of the part rather than electronic vs. points. There's a lot of substandard electrical parts sold by the big box auto parts outfits and while they're usually cooperative about replacement, wouldn't it be nice that the parts are correct right from the box? Thus, I'd recommend you go back to electronic from a source like the dealer or an outfit like NAPA. It will cost more but save you a lot of time swapping parts to find something accurate!

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