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I have collectable 68 Ford T-Bird.The vinyl landau roof is over half missing & the exposed part of roof is rusted.How can I repair myself or is this job for pro's...all components of car are original

Hello Solomon,

Go with the pros. While you can do this yourself given enough practice, you'd be far better off to remove the rest of the top to prevent any rust from eating through the roof sheet metal. (Expensive repair!) It's also advisable to remove both front and back glass to fix any rust that may be trapped under the window frames. (Have this professionally done too--old glass is brittle. If the glass is still good, they can reinstall it for you after the new vinyl top is on) Once you have everything removed, have the roof professionally preped to remove all rust and pits, especially on the window frames(Rust loves it here!) Since it will be covered, just a good coat of self-etching primer will be sufficient although if you want to be original, the roof was painted the same body color as the rest of the car.  

Good luck on this. As you can see, to do it right is a worthy project. But first, please get the rest of that vinyl off--it traps water which can eat holes through your roof sheet metal. If you see "bubbling" under the surface of the top, remove it immediately no matter how it looks because it's a signal that rust has got a hold of your roof!

Best of luck,


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