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Im a 16 year old IB student doing an essay on ford cars, I see you're an expert on ford and historical, could you tell me everything about green and black 1928 ford model A fordors?


PS. It would help a lot if you'd answer me back, fast preferably!! thanks

Hello Dom,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I hope I'm not too late for your essay. There's a lot of information on line about these cars but a brief summary is this:

1) Closed cars became the "in" thing during the 1920's so Model A Fordors were among the most expensive bodies of the line. They cost even more than the roadsters did.

2) The FORDOR bodies were the only ones not made by Ford but by 2 custom bodymakers, Briggs and Murray. They are of different designs which can be identified. Also, distinguishing them from the other Ford bodies was that they had the luxury of adjustable front seats! (The other Ford cars were fixed). Mechanically though, they were identical to the rest of the Model A's

3)Google these companies and you'll find out a lot about the FORDOR's including color schemes (I think the green color was called "Brewster Green", "Black" is Black)

Good luck on your essay and if you need additional clarification for your paper, write me back. I'll even review the paper for you if you desire!



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