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Hi Bob,
I have been searching high and low for 6 months to find the rear right  & rear left corner bumper fillers for my 74 Grandville. I actually bought a set for a 1975 ( I was so excited) only to find out those are pointed in the middle and the ones I need are pointed with a FLAT middle leading to the body extender. So, with that being said, do you know where I can find them? I contacted Musselmandist and they don't have the mold for the 74, so they don't make them. It is quite frustrating since Pontiac only made roughly 15800 of them from 1971-1975.
Hope you can help. I have called numerous junk yards with no luck.

Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter,

I'm sorry but I would have gone to the same sources as you. Given the difficulty of getting new ones, have you tried the various Pontiac parts sources in Hemmings Motor News? Your only other alternative may be to find a NOS (New Old Stock) set from a Pontiac source who sells such parts. I'm afraid that you won't find any good used ones because of the way they deteriorated. GOOD LUCK!


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