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I recently purchased a 1931 Model A Coupe. In taking the radiator out I touched the wires from the relay that my horn plugs into and blew the fuse between my coil and generator. I replaced the fuse and found out the relay or whatever it is on top of the generator had burnt the copper coil wire off so I reconnected it and it started. This morning the battery was dead and when recharging it I noticed that little fuse was extremely hot and the charger was pegged out. I pulled the fuse and the charger dropped to 3/4 charge.

Sounds like you have a damaged or stuck cutout. The cutout is what is on top of the gen.  My advice is to lose the gen and the cutout.  And put on an alternator. Much better in the long run.  We all run alternators. Your batt went dead because your cutout stuck and tried to run as a motor all night.  
If you want to keep the gen. Then take the cover off of the cutout so you can see it operate. I dont think you have a fuse between the coil and gen. The fuse should be between the hot wire on top of the starter, from the battery and the main circuit. Have to go, more later. Jack

Back now.  The gen, when spinning fast, above idle, puts out enough current to pull the contact down and connect the output of the gen to the electrical system.  Since it puts out more than 6 volts, it charges the batt.  If the contact sticks closed, the current flows from your system to the gen and it becomes a motor and tries to run.

Make sure you are wired correctly.  I hope the new cutout fixes it.  Let me know if you still have a problem.  jack

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