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car over heats new rad,thermosti,all good. temp is at 190. what is normal temp for that car.i have been told that's to high

I am a Model A guy, but I will try to help.  If you have a 160 deg stat in it, it should hold at around 160 on a cool day.  190 is not overheating.  I think you have a pressurized system at 14 or 16 psi.  If so, that will put the boiling point around 240 deg.  Maybe a little less.  On a cool day, 190 is too high.  
Things to check:  Head bolt torque.  It could be leaking combustion gases into the water jacket and that would cause it to overheat all the time.  A broken head gasket could cause it too.  Junk in the coolant.  If a lot of junk was in there when you put the new rad. on, then your new rad acted like a filter and is now plugged up.  I hope your water was clean and clear. Usually overheating in an old car is the rad.  Yours is new and if not plugged up it should not be the cause.
Running really rich, or bad ignition timing can make an engine run hot.  Easy to check; just time it again and make sure the advance mechanism is working properly. Probably is OK.  If you are running rich, your plugs should be fouled.  That's about all I can suggest, but don't let anyone tell you that the water pump is pumping too much water for the radiator. That can't happen.  Good luck  jack

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