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QUESTION: I have a 1965 chrysler newport with a worn gas tank leaking. I am unable to find an exact replacement but there are some that will fit in the space. Do I have to replace the sending unit or will that work in a new tank? Or should I try to have the old one patched and repaired? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hello Phil,

You may still be able to find a NOS (new old stock) good used tank to maintain the originality of your car. Your car is known as a "C" Body to those in the hobby which include Plymouth Fury, Dodge Monaco and even Imperial. I don't know without checking but these cars are very similar mechanically to yours just with larger and smaller engines respectivly to what you have. Howver, the tanks may be close to identical to yours as Chrysler (and most other manufacturers) try to standardize the mechanical and underneath car components across different product lines.

To get some help on this, I'd recommend that you find and join your local MOPAR or Walter P. Chrysler clubs. These guys can help determine interchangability as well as sourcing. New is youir easist and best alternative.

If the prior alternative fails, repair the original as long as mit is repairable..some aren't due to rust through, damage, etc.

In any case, replace the sender and the "sock" attached to the inlet. It's cheap insurance against finding your fuel guage not working a month from now and you have to go through the entire tank removal and installation process to replace just this one component!!

Best of luck to you and keep those Chrysler's running and driving!


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QUESTION: Is there a web site that I could use to find the dimensions of the tank?

Hello Phil,

I did you one better--found a good used tank! Wildcat Motors is one of the largest vintage Mopar yards in the country located in Oregon. It was a referral from one of the largest overall vintage yards in the country, Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix(Same as the reality show) I'll mention to Vanessa that you'll be calling and bow out:

"HI Bob. I do have one. It has a small dent in it. I could send pics tomo. We visually inspect them, but have no way to pressure check them for leaks. The gas tank will be $175. Let me know if interested. Thanks!

-Vanessa DeMello
Tues- Fri 9am- 5pm
Sat 10am- 4pm"

Good luck


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