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QUESTION: I have a 1951 plymouth concord, 218 ci 6 cyl. I want to flush and seal the fuel tank because it has lots of scale in the tank. Does the fuel outlet fitting have a filter inside the tank and if so how do you get it out of the tank? The tank is 19 gallon capacity.

ANSWER: Hello Phillip,

It shouldn't but who knows what some past owner did in the past 65 years? The fuel filter on your MOPAR is an in-line sediment glass mounted on or near the fuel pump. There should be no fuel restrictions either on the input or output side of the fuel tank. If you find anything, remove it!

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QUESTION: I removed the tank and found there was thing inside the tank that appeared to be a strainer. I must be original factory because the tank hasn't been cut open.

Hello Phillip,

I reviewed some more factory diagrams which refers to this mesh as a "fuel sock". On my 1967 Dodge Dart, it literally looks like a sock. It's really more of a strainer to keep the big "chunks" out of the fuel line. Although new replacement sending units are shown with and without, I believe this strainer is factory and I'd keep it.

Sorry if I inadvertently mislead you, it's just that I don't really think of the fuel sock as a filter although in the crudest sense it does provide some of this capability.

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