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We ran our car on an 80 mile trip with no problem yesterday with several starts and stops.  The next day, started it up and had it idoling for several minutes when it abruptly stopped. I have been unable to get it started again. I am an amateur and need help.  Thanks!

Go to youtube and search for jackbahm, then look for my Troubleshooting video.  That should help a lot.  I have many How-To videos that may be of interest.  
Besides that, you might check the following:
1-Loosen your gas cap and listen for a hiss.  If you hear one, leave the cap loose and try to start it.  Sometimes those caps plug up the vent.
2-Try to start it and choke it quite a bit.  Then stick your finger into the throat of the carb. near the choke blade.  There should be fuel on the bottom of that passage.  If your finger comes out dry, the carb is not getting any fuel.  Stuck float, out of gas, plugged gas line. etc.
3-With the points closed, slide a business card between the contacts and clean them.  They, sometimes get dirty or damp.
4-Go to and search for my book, "Get A Horse" and read the preview.  You can read it all.  No need to buy it.  That should help.  
Try to do the above and get back to me and let me know how you make out.  We can go from there.
I assume the engine turns over when you try to start it.  If not, it could be a lot of things.  Let me know.    

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Oakleaf region of MARC. Model A Restorers Club. I have put several Model A videos on the Oakleaf site that may be of help. Things like how to start the A, how to Time it, how to troubleshoot it.. Go to and you will find them. Also, go to and search for "jackbahm" and you will find over a hundred videos. Many about the Model A and our outings. jack

"More than you need to know about cars." Just a small book for Car Nuts. "Model A Ford Tips and Hints" "Get A Horse" (What to do when Henry's Lady quits on you.) or Snyder's Antique Parts. "Engineering Stuff" (For the Kid who likes to take things apart and get them back together). Kids book for ages 10-16. 2012 Many Model A movies that can be found on

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