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1928 Model AA engine
1928 Model AA engine  

1928 Model AA truck
1928 Model AA truck  
My Mother hasn't had her 1928 Model AA but a few weeks after going through everything not related to my question just preventive measures you can drive it a couple miles a it starts to act up and stalls out I am sure its a thermal issue and not too the fuel but the distributor caused by the exhaust manifold as you can see in the picture that I have attached it is a manifold for use with a heated cab option but it does not have its cover to use the air flow from the cooling fan to blow into the cab could the heat from the manifold cause the distributor/condenser to fail because the carburetor is cool and its fuel line

I assume it will start after it sits a while. I bet it is fuel. The manifold can cook the condenser, but that does not happen often. Take the fuel line off of the carb and let the fuel run for a bit. You probably have junk in the tank. Take a magnet on a stick and see if you get a lot of rust out of the bottom of the tank.
When it is handy, drain the gas tank and remove the gas valve. There should be a small stand-up filter in the valve. It it is not there, put one in. That will cover a lot of sins in the fuel.  It's about 1-1/2in. long and 1/4 in dia.  
Go to and search for me. I have a playlist there on how-to fix the A. Watch what you can, and it should help.
Later, you can put in new points and condenser, but I would not do that now. Clean the plugs if they are black and fuzzy.
Let me know how you make out. Loosen the gas cap to make sure the tank is breathing. Sometimes the cap vent plugs up.
Good luck.
I would have answered you sooner, but you caught me on the golf course. Sorry. Jack

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Oakleaf region of MARC. Model A Restorers Club. I have put several Model A videos on the Oakleaf site that may be of help. Things like how to start the A, how to Time it, how to troubleshoot it.. Go to and you will find them. Also, go to and search for "jackbahm" and you will find over a hundred videos. Many about the Model A and our outings. jack

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