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Not a question, just appreciation.

I appreciate very much your "engineering" explanations.  I used to have a Model A coupe (1930) from 1968-1985.  I am probably going to get another one 30 years after selling the other one.

I am retired from Boeing and got my MS Aero from Minnesota in 1965.  

Enjoying your videos.


ANSWER: Thanks so much. You caught me on the golf course yesterday. That's why I'm so late getting back to you. I went to LSU. 1958. Bsme. Worked at Chrysler forever. Get that A. Very low cost hobby. Jack

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Jack. I just today watched your "How to time the Model A."  You said to rock the car back and forth in 3rd gear to find where the timing pin slips into the timing gear hole.  I used to time my Model A with the tranny in neutral by holding the pin with my left hand while using my right hand to turn the hand crank to turn the engine.  Was that not an equivalent way to complete that step?

I never did the extra step with the test light, so that's a good check and trouble shooting step.

Thanks, Ken

A lot of our members time it that way, using the crank.  My problem is that the crank only lets you turn the engine in one direction.  When I miss the dimple, I want to go back and find it.  With the crank, around you go again.  I find the dimple and quickly put the car in neutral and block the wheels so the engine can't turn while I'm timing it.  Better get that A while you still want it.  They are fun.  jack

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Only repair type questions on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A.


Owned one when I was 15 yrs old, and now have owned 5. Still own and play with 2 of them.

Oakleaf region of MARC. Model A Restorers Club. I have put several Model A videos on the Oakleaf site that may be of help. Things like how to start the A, how to Time it, how to troubleshoot it.. Go to and you will find them. Also, go to and search for "jackbahm" and you will find over a hundred videos. Many about the Model A and our outings. jack

"More than you need to know about cars." Just a small book for Car Nuts. "Model A Ford Tips and Hints" "Get A Horse" (What to do when Henry's Lady quits on you.) or Snyder's Antique Parts. "Engineering Stuff" (For the Kid who likes to take things apart and get them back together). Kids book for ages 10-16. 2012 Many Model A movies that can be found on

BSME LSU, 1958, Masters of automotive engineering from the Chrysler Institute of engineering, 1960, MBA Mich State, 1976. Worked as an engineer at Chrysler from 1958 to the end of 1991.

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