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Classic/Antique Car Repair/wipers on '54 Buick Special


Turned on the wipers and the passenger side works find but the driver's side one went left and stayed there.  I can move the wiper back and forth freely - something disconnected or stripped.  But how to get at it?  Under the dash or from the outside?  Both involve taking a lot apart and I don't want to potentially wreck things by approaching it the wrong way.

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Hello Bert,

The most likely cause for your problem is in a rubber grommet on the internal linkage connecting the wiper motor to the windshield wiper post. This post feeds through the cowl to the windshield wiper arm/blade. Good news is that replacement grommets are available; Bad news is that the mechanism is accessed under the dash (Sorry!)When you replace the drivers side, plan to replace the ones on the passenger side linkage as well. (They are 62 years old and likely very deteriorated.

I always recommend getting a shop manual for your car as well as take advantage of the marque club which in this case is The Buick Club. They have technical support people which can help you with both information and pointers to do the the job the easiest and best way. Further, they have a club publication, the Buick Bugle, which has a section on 1954 Buick's in the August 2014 issue.

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