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I recently discovered the generator pulley on the 1950 dodge b2b i'm working on has a dent in it that i have been unable to fix. it makes a knocking sound when the engine is running. i've been looking online and only found a couple that are close. the pulley has 1949 stamped on it but that's the only marking i can find. The generator plate says it is a chrylser generator. I did find a Nash pulley that seems to be close, but i have not seen it in person. I'm a little confused about what make this thing is. do you know?

Hello Scott,

You may have been looking at the wrong online sources. Your engine was built from 1934-1959 in cars and through 1962 in trucks so parts availability is still quite good. Plymouth and Dodge trucks use the same basic engine as your car.

I'd suggest you look at the Dodge/Plymouth parts for sale section in Hemmings Motor News. There are several NOS parts vendors who may have your needs. Failing that, there is the Plymouth Owners Club who are a good resource for advice and Walter P Chrysler Club for all Mopars. is also a source too. You ought to be able to score a new or used part instead of having to guess with the NASH pulley.

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