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Classic/Antique Car Repair/Steering wheel puller for a classic Rambler


HENRY wrote at 2010-07-06 21:05:56
NO no no..the rambler wheel puller is diferent than any other.The wheel is threaded on the inside.with nut off,look around the inside the wheel and you'll see threads.thats where the rambler puller attaches.this tool is hard to come by.I made one for my 63 american 440.the threads are 7/8" comprossion threads.get a 7/8 3/4 pipe fitting at any hardware store.remove comp.nut and ferral.screw a 3/4 pipe cap on pipe end.drill hole in center of cap.get a fully threaded 5/16 bolt and slide through hole with bolt head inside cap.weld 5/16 nut to cap on outside.screw bolt into this nut till through 11111111/2 inch.weld a nut tl thread end of bolt...NOW YOU GOT A RAMBLER STEERING WHEEL PULLER.SCREW COMP.END INTO WHEEL AND SNUG IT DOWN.WHEN YOU SCREW BOLT IN THE HEAD END OF BOLT WILL PUSH ON SHAFT AND POP WHEEL..WHEN IT GETS REAL TIGHT,THUMP WITH RUBBER MALLET ON BACK OF WHEEL..OFF IT COMES..

farna wrote at 2013-06-13 12:06:33
The inside threads on the steering wheel are actually 1" Extra Fine (20 TPI). Nice to know that the 7/8" compression fitting uses the same threads!  

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