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Classic Country/I like my women on the trashy side


BlueH20 wrote at 2011-02-16 01:53:10
WOW...I really have to scratch my head on this one. I was under the distinct impression that an unknown (however locally popular) country band in Scottsdale, AZ actually wrote the original version of that song sometime around '89-'90, and SOLD it and all of it's rights to someone (I had always assumed to be Jerry Jeff Walker, since he did the original score) and then it was re-mixed at a later date (this was where Chris Wall came in) and re-recorded by Confederate Railroad where it became a smash hit. I even recalled some of the original words that this band in Scottsdale used to sing. I was also a local entertainer at that time. I am trying desperately to recall the guys' names, but I cannot. This really has me baffled! I would REALLY like to know the real answer, since I sorta had a connection to these guys back then. But whew...that was a long time ago! Has anyone else heard anything along these lines?

larry lowe wrote at 2013-09-09 01:52:26
Well I heard a version of the song in like 1993 or 94 that had a rockabilly or rock sound. It was played in Houston on the kikk FM station. It was by some band, but not the confederate railroad version.

Waymore wrote at 2016-09-11 08:35:57
The song "Trashy Women" was solely written by Chris Wall of Austin, Texas and co- published by his company Rhythm Wrangler Music(BMI) and Jerry Jeff Walker's Groper Music (BMI). The recent "Twentieth Anniversary Version" heard on Confederate Railroad's newest CD "Lucky to Be Alive"(released July 15, 2016 by Sony Music) features an additional verse written by Colt Ford. The song originally appeared on Walker's 1989 album "Live at Gruene Hall" which featured two additional songs by Wall. "I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight"and "Rodeo Wind". Wall also recorded a version on his 1989 CD "Honky Tonk Heart".  

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