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Classic Film/Jose Ferrer - "Cain Mutiny" Movie


Steelerphil wrote at 2011-06-12 02:40:38
I read about an interview with Ferrer where he said that the bandaged hand was a form of protest for the lack of attention paid in the movie to the lawyers Jewish heritage and the anti semitism in the navy, as described in Wouks novel. The producers were jewish and reluctant to broach the subject in that era.

Jeff wrote at 2011-08-13 05:26:42
I actually worked as an assistant to Mr. Ferrer in the mid 90's and we actually talked about this. Jose' told me that he had signed on to that film being familiar with the story, but not having read the final script. When he read the script, he found the writers omitted everything dealing with anti-semetism, which he felt was the foundation for his character, that his character did not join the navy to be a lawyer, but became one as a result of his hands being burned so he could not become a pilot, his true ambition. He went on to tell me that he actually approached Harry Cohn (Jose' did have some clout) about this. He felt that this movie could make a statement about Anti-Semitism. According to Jose', Cohn's response was "we don't make statements, we make money". So as  his form of protest, Jose' did in fact bandage his hand. Sadly, Jose' never wrote his memoirs, he told me that he planned on titling it "Coming Up Ferrer", so this and quite a few other stories are lost to history. But my brief acquaintance with the man left me with quite a few stories to share with my daughter, like the time he locked us out of the car on our way to the theatre an hour before curtain call....

Jca wrote at 2016-05-28 21:41:43
Why can't you just answer the question?  Why did he have his hand wrapped up?

Traven wrote at 2017-02-18 06:47:11
Elsewhere I have read that he injured his hand in a sporting accident.  

James B. wrote at 2017-03-22 03:04:17
His right hand is bandaged, not the left.  This is explained in the novel that Lieut. Greenwald is a naval pilot who is recovering from a flight injury and thus available to represent Lieut. Maryk.

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