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There is a painting or drawing of New York City from a bird's eye view in the Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers movie Swing Time. It's shown at about one hour and seven minutes into the movie on the floor in front of the band right after the scene in the snow where Fred Astaire sings "A Fine Romance." I've tried to track it down or who did it for quite awhile now and just haven't been able to, thanks.

Hello Denny,

Sorry for the delay,...but your question is a very difficult one to answer, because most information regarding production info on the film is no doubt considered "lost" after 76 years.

(Perhaps if you could locate a Pressbook issued for movie theater distributors at the time, there might be mention of who actually painted the floor design.)  The only information I could dig up, is that the Art Director was Van Nest Poglase, and the Associate Art Director was Carroll.

However, the Silver Sandal set (was that the name of the Club with the bandstand floor painting?)
was designed by John Harkrider.  Could he also have actually painted the "skyscraper" drawing??

Hope this might help you


Jim Kason

P.S.  Although it's really none of my business, I'm curious in knowing why you're interested in this fleeting movie moment in the film.

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