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Hi, I wonder if you could help? I have 2 films I would love to know the names of.
The first.
This will be pretty vague as I watched it many years ago, I saw it in the early to mid 80's but I don't think it was new then, probably 60' or 70's I assume. It is an adventure film with the same sort of style as 20,000 leagues under the sea, I am sorry but I don't recall any actors or actresses names, in fact all I recall with any great certainty is that there were a group of people on an expedition to find an island under the sea and they used a diving bell. They found an underground or underwater city and had to fight there way out. I know that the name is not The Land That Time Forgot or The People That Time Forgot. It is a similar style as I said though.

The second film is of exactly the same type and era but this time the people used a rocket with a drill attachment on the front to drop through the ocean to the sea bed.
I am sorry they are vague to me but maybe you know exactly what films I am talking about?!

Thanks for any help!

Hello Jon,

The first one could be "Warlords Of Atlantis" from 1978.

Have a look here:

The second one sounds like "At The Earth's Core" from 1976.

Have a look here:'s_Core_(film)  

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