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Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo  
Sorry!  I just asked this question and forgot to attack the image.  Let me try again...

Several friends and I came across this photo years ago, it was an avatar on someone's profile online, and it became an ongoing mission to figure out just who it is.  At first, we only had a small low res image, but recently one of us found a nice full sized version which is extremely clear.  Now that we have it, I'm hoping someone will recognize the person portrayed.  I'm not sure if they are an old film actor or not, but it seems like a good possibility.

Can you tell me who it is, or possibly give me a rough idea as to how I might be able to figure it out?  Thanks Jim!

Hi David,

Sorry for the delay.  Yours is an intriguing question.  Actually, I have no idea who that might be,...but have a few ideas and/or suggestions for you.  First of all, ..I doubt that it's a FILM actor/actress (looks like a woman.)
It appears More to be a photo of a turn-of-the-century Vaudeville performer (1890's to 1910's or so). It would be quite a task to search Vaudeville files and photos to come up with a match.

Although I can't seem to log on to it,....there's supposed to be a "photo-identifying" page on Google.  As I understand it, go to:   and right after the long search box, there should be a tiny "camera" icon.  Click on it, and that'll take you to a page where you can  drag your photo onto the Search Box to be identified ( or at least, to show you other images that are close to yours.)  It's worth a try.

Jim K.

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