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Old movie from the 30's (?) about a man who marries a young woman who resembles his first wife who was an opera singer.  He has a painting of her.  He teaches the second wife opera.  At the end of the movie, the man goes upstairs to a room that apparently has his first wife in it and the room is on fire and burns he and the dead first wife.  Somehow the the 2nd wife is saved.  I don't know the name of the movie.  I only remember seeing it at a child in the 60's.  May have been considered a horrow movie.  I remember the movie having an expensive spray bottle (like a perfume bottle) that was used for the wife's voice.

Hi Annette,

I believe that the film you're looking for is one of my favorite old movies that had me spellbound as a child !  It's the 1944 Universal film, "The Climax" with Susanna Foster and Boris Karloff.

If you go to:
,...and click on "read the full synopsis" (to the right of "brief synopsis"), you can read the
complete story line.

I'm pretty sure the film is available on VHS (or maybe DVD)  if you go to:


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