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hey I was wondering if you remember a movie, it is a black and white movie, the main character is a woman and she either starts off blind or develops it but at the end of the movie she wishes to be surrounded by beautiful things in her apartment and she has surgery to get her sight back but in the end she is alone in the apartment. Through the whole movie she is a B---- to everyone and no one likes her anymore.

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to be so late in getting back to you,...but I think I've found the movie you're looking for.
It's actually a TV film that was the Pilot for the new series,'Rod Serling's "Night Gallery".
It was made up of three short stories, one of which, "EYES" starred Joan Crawford in one of her last acting roles.

In one of his very first jobs, it was directed by a "newcomer", Steven Spielberg.  The story concerned a blind rich b**** who "buys" the eyes of a down-and-out man, and after the operation,
will have only a certain amount of time with her new vision.  A city blackout occurs, and she's in the dark all nite, only to wake up in the morning to find that she's lost her sight for good.

You can look up "Night Gallery" and "Eyes" on Google for more info,..and the VHS and DVD of that
film are available at Amazon.  It was also posted on YouTube many times,..but unfortunately
blocked for viewing by the film studio. (However, you MAY be able to view the last part of the Crawford film at :

Jim K

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