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I remember seeing the last 1/3 of a film on tv in my teens.  It was in black and white.  The lady was in a movie studio sound booth singing to sync to a movie song- she watched herself on film as she tried to get the vocals to match up.  She kept having to do it over and over and over.  You got the idea that she was overworked, overstimulated, and just plain burned out.  Then I remember her at home trying to kill herself but kept getting interrupted.  One example was that she tried to turn on the gas of her oven and leave the door open and put her head on the door.  Some guy came over excited about something and had no clue what she was trying to do.  The movie ends with her walking on the beach away from her home which explodes after she gets far enough away and she's smiling.  I've always been curious as to what the film was titled so I could see the whole movie.  I know the actress died because I remember seeing a memoriam clip of the final scene of the movie in question on an awards show, probably in the mid to late 90s?  Hope I gave you enough info and thanks for your time!

Hi Jane,

Thanks for you question.  I'm pretty sure I have an answer for you on what the movie title is.
It's one of my favorites:...Warner Brother's 1965 film, "Inside Daisy Clover"..(based on a popular novel of the same name, which is a great book to read, also.)
It starred Natalie Wood as Daisy,..with a very young Robert Redford in one of his first big roles.
I believe the film's in color, with black&white sequences.
Natalie Wood was a wonderful actress who started out in movies as a child,..making her first big impression as the little girl who didn't believe in Santa in the classic film, "Miracle on 34th Street".  Later, she starred in many great films, including "Gypsy" and "West Side Story" !
She was married to the film and TV actor, Robert Wagner,...and tragically died in a drowning accident at an early age.
You can read the movie's story line at:
( Click on: "Read the full Synopsis" in the center.)   The film's available at:
on VHS and DVD, in new and (inexpensive) used copies.

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