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My grandmother wishes to see this movie one last time. She says that it is called "Love Letters in the Sand." I've looked but can only find a movie called "Bernardine." Could this possibly be the movie? She says it's from the 40's or 50's.

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your question.  No,...your grandmother probably wouldn't care for the film "Bernardine",
which was a pop musical around 1957, mainly showcasing the young Pat Boone,...who sang a song called "Love Letters In The Sand".
I Think she May be referring to the 1945 Paramount romantic film starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton, called, simply,.."Love Letters",..which was very popular at the time,...and featured the lovely academy awarded nomination title song.
For more information, go to :
It's not available in a U.S. DVD version,...but if you go to:, ..and type in:
"Love Letters" - Jennifer Jones", could get a VHS copy for about $16.


Jim K.

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