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I watched a late night movie many years ago and missed the first part so I never knew the title.  A young woman has committed suicide. A family is notified of the news and the movie then takes many flashbacks.  Each member of the family has had interaction with this woman and has shunned her or made life more difficult for her; one family member fired her from a job; one had an affair with her; one female family member shunned her socially; and so forth.  Each recounts the incidents but takes no blame for her demise.  It was the accumulation of the actions which finally lead her to her fate.  Would like to see this again, somewhere, but don't know the name.  The morale of the story I felt was compelling.  Hope you can help.  I am sure it was a 40's movie.

Hello Cathie,

I've just come across your question in the Answerpool section at AllExperts.Com. The film you're looking for is "An Inspector Calls", an English film from 1954. Have a look here......  

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