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Classic Film/man in cloud watches daughter?


Hello, I saw an old movie on tv in australia approximately 1991, I beleive it was american. A man ( sailor or soldier) has died, he is being shown his life by an angel or god, they are hanging out on a cloud, looking down on scenes on earth, particularly his daughter, the mans main lesson seems to be of his daughter and doing right by her, I remember it being a sea side town and there was also a scene with the daughter at a carnival, I have been looking for years, hopefully the storynline is eneough to identify.

Thankyou for offering your expertise!

Hello Jam,

Sorry for the delay, but I'd misplaced your question, and just now , was able to find it.
I'm not sure if I have an answer for you,...but the film you describe sounds so much like a
wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein Musical entitled "CAROUSEL" that I think it might be the one.

It's from 20th Century Fox, around 1956, in color,  and starred Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones.  ( There was an earlier film version of the same story, made in the 1930's, in B&W , which wasn't a musical, called "Liliom".)

For the complete story line, go to:

The film is available on DVD at :

Jim K.  

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