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Hi ya.

Well the Subject pretty much sums it up. I saw this move sometime in the late 60's on t.v. There is a single mum with a son. The son sends a message from the window with a flash light to the naval ships in the harbour. A sailor see this and suggests to one of the officers that it is a distress call. Officer investigates and romance ensues with mum.

Hi Chris,
After I'd read your question again, I suddenly recalled a film which Might be the one you're asking about.  Anyway, its plot is close enough to your description.  It's about a widow with three sons, one of which sends an S.O.S.signal.   It's the 1963 MGM film "A Ticklish Affair" starring Shirley Jones, Gig Young and Red Buttons.
You can get a bit more info at:
For the full plot, click on "Read The Full Synopsis" at the TCM site:
Unfortunately,  ( and surprisingly), the film hasn't been released on DVD or VHS,…but probably is shown from time to time on the TCM channel.
Jim K.

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