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Classic Film/B&W Film where 2 kids go to heaven


I saw this movie as a young child so my plot/memory might be off.  It is in B&W and there is a little girl and a little boy.  I remember there being a bluejay or some bird at the beginning and the two siblings go to heaven for some reason.  Could you help me so I could watch it again?  Thanks in advance!  I think their mother may have been sick in it but I am not sure.

Hello Jason,

I'm pretty sure I have the film you're asking about.  It sounds Too much like this 1940 20th Century Fox film, not to be.
"The Blue Bird" starred Shirley Temple,…and was 20th's "answer" to "Wizard of Oz",..though it was not a successful film.
However, watching it today, it has its charms.   The "Heaven" sequence is toward the end of the film.
If you go to:,….you can get all the information on it, and be sure to click on "Read Full Synopsis".   It's available on DVD at

Sincerely, Jim K.

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