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Could you please tell me the name of a movie I saw today on TV. It is set in a city at Christmas time when the father, whose name is Jim Nolan, is home with a wife (Her name was Kate ) and two School aged children, and she finds out she's pregnant. They are very poor, and he is looking for work. He disappears and then ends up dying. I missed the beginning and the end of the film, but it appeared that he had had a drinking problem in the past. The wife seemed bitter.

I did not recognize any of the actors, other than a family friend there at Christmas time with blond hair… I have seen her in later shows possibly even TV shows but I can't remember where.

Thank you so much!

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your question.  Yes,…I know exactly which film you're asking about.  It was a very popular and successful film from
20th Century Fox in 1945,…"A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" (adapted from a well-loved novel by Betty Smith.)   It starred Dorothy McGuire as Kate, and James Dunn ( who won the Academy Award) as Johnny, with Peggy Ann Garner as the daughter, Francie.
For the complete story line and info,….go to:
It's available on DVD at

Jim K.

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