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Dear Sir,

I have been in desperate need of finding this website for probably almost 10 years now. I am writing to ask you to help me find a classic movie. I watched this movie when I was around 12 or 13 years old at my grandmother house, and even though I can picture a few things in my head, I really need your help to put them all together. For one I believe it is a movie around your time period of expertise. The movie for one is in color and I know is based off of a female swimmer. So here is the problem, I only really remember a few very small scenes from the movie.I believe the swimmer has some kind of handicap, dear, blind, or possibly crippled. The movie starts out when she is born and plays in the water in a river. The second scene is when she oss growing up I believe she is some pat of a circus act or something. The third and final scene I remember is her swimming in a big body of water with a boat driving next to eahother I really need help finding this movie its onna drive me nuts til we can.

Hi Joe,
Thanks for your question,..and please forgive my delay in getting back to you.  Yes, I'm certain I know exactly which film you're asking about !  It has always been one of My favorites,…since I saw it when I was in high school.  It's MGM's technicolor film from 1952, "Million Dollar Mermaid"It starred Esther Williams, Victor Mature, and Walter Pidgeon,…and is a true story of swimmer, Annette Kerrerman !   You can read the full story line at :
When you click on the site, about halfway down, under "Overview",…over to the right,'ll see:  'Read the Full Synopsis'.
The movie is available at :,…but only in a DVD Box Set of  six Esther Williams films ( for about $25.)  However it IS also on VHS tape ( used) for under $5.)
Sincerely, Jim K.

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